How Comex Supply come about

We started in 2007 in Rosario, Argentina, providing various IT services to meet the demands of numerous companies. As time passed, we expanded our offerings to include consulting services, import assistance, financial education, and more. With the emergence of blockchain technology, we introduced cryptocurrency solutions to streamline financial transactions. In 2022, we tailored service packages specifically for artists who sought to incorporate web 3.0 sales. Responding to the needs of Real Estate Developers, we also ventured into Real Estate Tokenization Projects. Our commitment to growth and learning has enabled us to maintain an international presence.

We are actively developing our strategic approach to target clients, suppliers, and businesses in the United States.

The mission remains the same as it was 16 years ago: "Our goal is to meet customer needs by providing straightforward, cost-effective services and tools that are accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes"

Who we are

We are a diverse global team driven by the desire to simplify our customers' lives through innovative products and tailored solutions. Our connected and inspired culture thrives on the collective contributions and innovations of each team member throughout the years.


Matias Mathey |CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur and Co Founder of ComexSupply LLC with experience in development, operations management, work teams and security expert.

Federico Bora|CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Comex Supply LLC, specialized in designing technological environments, project management, and researching new technologies for dynamic settings.